Impounded van insurance basically covers you to be able to get your van out of the impound. You may have had your van impounded for not having cover in the first place or for other reasons. You can get a quote from one of the impounded van insurers below to give you the cover you need to be able to get your van back and get back on the road or back to work.

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If your van’s under repair at an approved garage following an accident
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you won’t lose your no claims or have to pay an excess if hit by an uninsured driver

Impounded Van Costs

Getting your van impounded can be a costly situation. From the loss of earnings if you can’t work to the daily costs and other expenses for getting the van released. It is critical you get the van out as fast as possible. Impounded van insurance means you have the cover and the paperwork to be able to go to the impound and get your van back.

A lot of companies will not offer cover once your van has been impounded but you can’t get your van out without insurance so you can get stuck in a cycle of expense!