Van Insurance for Businesses

Your van is key to your business, whether it’s a load lugger, a delivery van or something you use for a range of different business purposes having your van properly insured is critical. Good business van insurance can make the difference between a simple issue and an all out catastrophe.

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What is Business or Company Van Insurance?

Business van insurance is special insurance cover that is geared towards people who use their van for business. This may seem obvious but there are a range of different risks and activities involved in business van insurance so it needs a special type of cover. This kind of commercial cover is designed for vehicles owned by a business or used by a sole trader for business purposes.

Why Do I Need Business Van Insurance?

It is actually a legal requirement to have the correct type of cover for your van. If you use it for any kind of business purpose then the law says you must have the right insurance. Domestic cover will not protect you and if the van is used for work you may not be covered at all. Even if you use your van for personal use as well as business, like popping to Tesco on the weekend you still need the correct business cover.

What Does Business Van Insurance Cover?

Different policies cover different things so there is no definitive list. However, company or business van insurance is designed to protect you, your business and the public in the normal way car insurance does but with a specific consideration for risks associated with business use. It might be covered for being left in multiple locations during jobs, the cover may protect against substantial loses if you carry and store expensive equipment or deliveries in the van. You can also expect windscreen cover and all the usual things you get in a normal car policy.