Commercial Van Insurance

Before looking at commercial van insurance it is important to understand what it is and what it is for.

  • Commercial Van Insurance is designed for vans that are used for, or in connection with your business.
  • It can cover a single van or multiple vans used by your company or business
  • It can protect your van but also any contents like tools or other work related items you need to do your job.
  • Importantly it can also provide a cover van if yours is stolen or damaged as well as cover for tools and the like to make sure you can keep earning money even if your van is out of action.
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Guaranteed Courtesy Van
If your van’s under repair at an approved garage following an accident
Uninsured Driver Promise
you won’t lose your no claims or have to pay an excess if hit by an uninsured driver

Why Do I Need Commercial Van Insurance?

Insurance is based on the likelihood if any incident be it a crash or theft. A commercial van is far more likely to be stolen, broken into or in a crash than a vehicle that isn’t used for business. This simply because commercial vans do more miles than most vehicles, they are also targeted because they often have high value tools in and the scrap value is high.

Not only are commercial vans more likely to be involved in an incident but they also earn people a living. So making sure they are covered properly is critical, for a lot of people being without their van could spell disaster.

If your van is used for work or your business then normal insurance will not cover you properly if at all. You need commercial van insurance to make sure you can keep your business moving.