Private Van Insurance

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If you own a van and use it for personal purposes then private van insurance may be for you. If you use your van for the following it is considered private use:

  • Shopping
  • Family trips
  • Hobbies
  • Holidays

Not Covered By Private Van Insurance

While private van insurance is perfect for leisure van users it is really important to understand the categories of cover are different from those used for car insurance. If you use your van to commute to work, even if it is one single place to another then it falls outside of the cover provided under a private van policy. There simply isn’t a domestic, social and commuting category when it comes to vans and you would need to get a quote for commercial van insurance.

Can I Insure My Van for Part of the Year?

In short, no. You can no longer get private van insurance just for the summer months for example. under the Continuous Insurance Enforcement Act all vehicles must be insured unless they are declared SORN.